4k Video Streaming is a new buzzword in the media delivery industry with a lot of VOD Platform owners wanting to be the first to provide 4k UltraHD well do you really need to experience Ultra HD?  You full 1080HD television is only one quater of the size required to experience Ultra HD so you would not benefit from it unless you sepdn another £5000 on a new television.

So why is Netflix and Love Film wanting to stream content at 4k Ultra HD quality?  Well to us for the standard delivery of content to the living room it is just a gimmick at this stage to be the first to market, but who has full 30 meg broadband for 4k video streams, £5,000 television and the want and will to watch a few films available in this format?

Well here at Prostream we are able to deliver 4k video feeds down IP connections to get studio and live event signal across the town or the world.   If you are interested in streaming 4k video then please contact us and we can show you the amazing quality that is Ultra HD, but unless you have a retina screen laptop or a >65″ Ultra HD television then you will not be able to full appreciate the quality.


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