Streaming Media Products

White-label Platform Products


Eye Player

Eye Player Product from Prostream is a white-labelled Catch-up TV platform for television broadcasters and media owners alike.  Full management CMS and Video Recording capability.

Eye PlayerCatch-up TV Platform



Mobistream from Prostream is a service which delivers live video streaming and VOD content to mobile phones using automatic device identification and bandwidth monitoring.

Click here to view – Mobistream


Local TV Platform

Local TV Platform is a Prostream Product which is a white-label video platform with full revenue model and business plan for towns and cities to publish a news and information channel.

Local TV PlatformCommunity TV


Event Stream

Event Stream allows you to broadcast a live event via our production team with full sponsorship and pay-per-view revenue tools to suit any type of broadcast business model.

Event StreamEvent Broadcasting


Creative Broadcast

Creative Broadcast is a cloud based broadcast play-out platform for delivering linear television channels to traditional television and IPTV platforms anywhere in the world.

Creative Broadcast Cloud based Play-out


In-Store TV

In-store TV delivery to multiple stores in multiple countries with full media management platform and independent location and screen control.  In-store TV is the best method of captive audience marketing.

In-Store TVCaptive Audience Media




Colostream allows your business to use the same high resiliency facilities that Prostream does to host your own infrastructure or we can install and manage all of the kit you require.

ColostreamCo-location Hosting